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8 September 2014

FIJI: Last ballot papers for elections leave printer – in safe storage

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Fiji workers load the final boxes of ballot papers for next Wednesday’s main polling day. Image: Mads Anneberg/Republika

Mads Anneberg

SUVA (Pacific Scoop / Pacific Media Watch): The last ballot papers for the Fiji general election left the government printery in Suva today.

Now all 700,000 ballot papers are in the Elections Office’s custody in a secure storage unit in Wailekutu.

As Fiji entered its fifth day of pre-polling, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said there had been slight issues with today’s polling due to the tide and rough seas in the eastern part of the country.

However, pre-polling will continue as usual.

Saneem said the voter turnout at this stage was averaging 75 percent or more.

According to the Supervisor, a total of 8770 kg of paper has been used for the ballot papers.

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