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8 August 2010

WEST PAPUA: Video of brutal killing 'made on purpose', admit Indon police

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A still from the video: Yawan Wayeni, sliced open and left to die. Photo: Al Jazeera
Papuan independence leader sliced open, left to die

Bagus BT Saragih

JAKARTA: Indonesian National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang confirmed Thursday the video showing a Papuan prisoner lying in a jungle with his abdomen   sliced open, allegedly by a bayonet, was intentionally made.

"As a legitimate action, the arrest must be documented," Aritonang told journalists at the National Police Headquarters in South Jakarta.  Edward said he did not know how the video could appear in YouTube and  for what motive it was posted.

The prisoner is identified as Yawan Wayeni, a military trainer of Free Papua Organisation (OPM) rebels overseeing Yapen regency.

"The man was initially arrested by officers from Papua Police. He was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison but he fled after serving only the first year in Serui Penitentiary," Aritonang

However, Aritonang declined to confirm if the officer used a bayonet to slice Yawan's stomach.

"After fleeing the prison, he was hunted down by the police. When caught, he attacked police officers using a hand-made gun. Police  
responded and he was shot down.

"He refused to be brought to hospital and instead screamed: 'Freedom Papua! Freedom Papua!

"Officers admitted him to the hospital but he died on the way," Edward explained.

Yawan was convicted of vandalising several Indonesian Military (TNI) posts and vehicles, armed robberies and torturing employees of PT Arta Makmur.

The police also found that the bullets in Yawan's gun were of the Indonesian Police and TNI standard.

"We are now investigating how he obtained the bullets," Aritonang said. - The Jakarta Post/Pacific Media Watch

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