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20 October 2016

AUDIO: Dreaver set to work in Fiji after eight-year ban

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'Touchdown': Dreaver was granted special permission in June this year to touchdown in Fiji for just one hour to change planes for a reporting trip to Kiribati. Image: TVNZ

TJ Aumua
AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch/Asia Pacific Report): TVNZ's Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver says she is ready to report in Fiji after being blacklisted from entering the island state for eight-years.

She told Pacific Media Watch that she is 'thrilled' the Fiji government has lifted the ban on foreign reporters entering the country and said she has plans on visiting Fiji soon.

The Fiji government announced this week that foreign journalists are allowed to report in the island state as long as they have been accredited in the usual manner by the Department of Information.

The long-term ban was originally instituted as the government believed some journalists had crossed the line into political advocacy.

The Pacific Media Watch spoke with Barbara Dreaver for more on this issue:

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