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15 June 2012

FIJI: 'We're taking steps to follow media code,' says Fiji TV

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Ellen Stolz

SUVA (Fiji Sun / Pacific Media Watch): Fiji Television says it is taking steps to overcome any practices contrary to the spirit and substance of the Media Code of Ethics and Practice in Fiji's Media Industry Development Decree.

The television company issued a statement through the South Pacific Stock Exchange yesterday in which it said:  "Fiji TV acknowledges government’s position on the need for balanced and fair reporting of news by all media organisation, including Fiji TV.

"Fiji TV will ensure that it will improve its news."

The statement followed continuing claims by some overseas news media and a Cook Islands-based media activist group, Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF). These had alleged Fiji TV was threatened it would not have its licence renewed after highlighting views of some politicians from the past.

Fiji TV said these reports and the politicisation of this issue by political parties and politicians did not have any merit. 

"None of these reports or allegations has been verified by the chairman nor the board of Fiji TV," it said. 

The chairman of Fiji TV Limited, Isoa Kaloumaira, confirmed he met with the Attorney-General and Minister for Communications, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, on May 25. This was to discuss various issues of concern with respect to news reporting by Fiji TV.

The Fiji TV board said it wishes to categorically state that it does not wish to be part of or involved in anybody else’s agenda. 

The statement said: "As far as the renewal of Fiji TV television licence is concerned, under the Television Decree of 1992, Fiji TV has applied for the renewal and we await the minister’s decision."

Fiji TV is one of the country's three free-to-air stations and also operates pay-TV channels locally and regionally. It also owns the free-to-air EMTV in Papua New Guinea and has a licence to open a station in the Solomon Islands.

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