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17 July 2019

GLOBAL: China bid wins hosting rights for next WJEC journalism meet

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Co-host for 2022 Dr Guo Ke of Shanghai International Studies University speaking on stage in Paris. With him is Auckland University of Technology's Associate Professor Verica Rupar, the new president of WJEC. Image: Jeremaiah Opiniano/UST

By Jeremaiah Opiniano in Paris
PARIS (Asia Pacific Report/Pacific Media Watch): Journalism that usually fits into democracies will go to China in 2022 when the economic and political giant hosts a triennial global congress of journalism educators.

Journalism schools from Beijing and Shanghai will co-host the Sixth World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC), which has just held its fifth congress in Paris, France, this week.

The China-based WJEC, selected with a hint of controversy last week, will be held on July 8-13, 2022.

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The “Change and Continuity” prospectus for the China-hosted WJEC conference in 2022. Image: Jeremaiah Opiniano/UST

Associate Professor Verica Rupar, the newly-elected chair of the World Journalism Education Council (WJEC), declared the winning Chinese bid at the close of the fifth edition of the congress – with ease and with a smile.

“Many thanks to the council for [voting us], including the good questions and comments,” replied Dr Guo Ke of Shanghai International Studies University, dean of SISU’s journalism and communication school. He will be the head co-organiser of the event together.

Professor Gao Xiaohong of the Communication University of China (CUC) will be co-organiser.

“The Chinese journalism educators’ circle is willing to interact with others,” she told the fifth congress’ assembly.

The fifth WJEC was held July 9-11 at Université Paris-Dauphine, just outside of downtown Paris.

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