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22 April 2013

NZ: Bid to save PIMA from Pasifika media 'apathy'

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PIMA's interim chair Will Ilolahia ... acting as "change consultant". Image: Pacific Scoop

AUCKLAND (Pacific Islands Media Association / Pacific Media Watch): Apathy from Pacific Island media in New Zealand could see the end of an organisation formed to support them.

The Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA) celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2011 but last night it barely managed a quorum for its annual general meeting held at the Fickling Centre, Mt Roskill.

The lack of attendance and apparent lack of interest from PI media raised major concerns on whether PIMA had had its day and if PIMA could continue to act effectively to represent all Pacific media, a PIMA statement said.

Outgoing secretary Sandra Kailahi asked the committee to consider winding down the organisation if a new committee could not be formed.

However, attendees at the meeting agreed on an interim committee to work on PIMA’s future role and remain in place until elections in October.

Newly elected interim chair Will Ilolahia said he had accepted the nomination because as one of the founding members he was saddened after a decade of vital work and programmes such as the AUT University scholarships and representation at regional Pacific media fono that PIMA could be wound down.

“I hope as a change consultant to try and change the direction PIMA is heading for a more positive outcome.”

Future workshop
With more than 90 registered members, one of the tasks for the new interim chair is a proposed workshop on PIMA’s future.

“We will be contacting each of the 90 members for their active participation,” he said.

Deputy chair Adrian Stevanon said “There has been a call for a while for new blood to join the PIMA executive, hence my decision to accept the interim vice-chair position.”

The committee will undertake strategic planning sessions and potential activities as a pathway forward.

The interim executive committee members are:

Chair: Will Ilolahia; deputy chair Adrian Stevanon; secretary Iulia Leilua; treasurer Angelina Weir-Taylor; committee members Eleanor Ikinofo (PR), Richard Pamatatau (Radio).

Ilolahia acknowledged the tremendous work of the outgoing chairperson Iulia Leilua throughout the previous 11 year tenure.

“Her representation is the key to why PIMA has survived to date.”

 Leilua gave up the chair’s post due to work commitments and to allow for new blood to take the organisation in a new direction.

However, she was still fully committed to PIMA. Leilua has stayed on as interim secretary until the next elections.

Ten years of PIMA

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