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16 June 2015

REGION: Asia-Pacific political media PJR book launched at AMIC 2015

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AMIC titles, including the journals Asian Journal of Communication, Media Asia and Pacific Journalism Review, on display at AMIC 2015. Image: PMC

DUBAI (AMIC/Pacific Media Centre/Pacific Media Watch): A new book edition of Pacific Journalism Review featuring Asia-Pacific political journalism has been launched at AMIC 2015 along with three titles by prolific Filipino mass communication scholar Dr Crispin C. Maslog.

Editor Professor David Robie of PJR spoke at the launch of the special edition marking 20 years of publication of the regional research journal and praised the collaboration between the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) and Pacific Media Centre (PMC) at the Auckland University of Technology.

“Publication of this book represents a new stage in the Asia-Pacific partnership between these two centres and we hope more books of this nature will follow for the region,” he said.

AMIC secretary-general Ramon R. Tuazon, chairman Dr Crispin C. Maslog, and PMC director Dr David Robie at the book launch in Dubai. Image: Tarleen Archuleta/AUDThe edition features many peer-reviewed papers presented at the PJR2015 conference in Auckland last November and provides a wider international readership.

Included are chapters on the growing “secret society” and shield laws in Australia; environmental journalism in the Pacific; national identity; five special chapters on post-elections Fiji; political ecology reporting in New Caledonia; threats to media and journalists in Pakistan; women editors and the martial law era in the Philippines; cybercrime and the Filipino media Magna Carta; West Papua reportage in New Zealand; and the “cloud forest” legal battle in the Solomon Islands.

Co-editors of this edition are professors Barry King (AUT) and Wendy Bacon of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ), and Dr Philip Cass of Unitec.

Organisers of AMIC 2015 took the opportunity to also launch three books by Dr Maslog, who has been elected as the new chairman of the regional Asian communication body to be based in Manila.

Two of the titles were Philippines Communication in the Digital Age and a new edition of his classic Communication, Values and Society.

The third book was Crimes and Unpunishment: The Killing of Filipino Journalists with co-authors Dr Florengel Rosario-Braid and AMIC secretary-general Dr Ramon R. Tuazon.

AUT University is hosting the Fourth World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC) conference on July 14-16 next year.

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Pacific Media Centre's Dr Robie speaking at the PJR book launch in Dubai. Image: Tarleen Archuleta/AUD

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