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20 April 2015

REGION: Climate change ethics, Lau development and a 'brown' take on Campbell Live

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People watch one of Tarawa's king tides last month. Image: Kiribati Independent

AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch): Much more needs to be done by Pacific government policy makers, especially in Kiribati, to improve collaboration with the media on climate change, says an editor researching the issue.

"How important is the media to the government and policy makers and vice versa, and how critical it is to carefully and thoroughly construct a message for communication to the public has not yet been realised despite common agreements everywhere that the media is important," says Kiribati Independent editor Taberannang Korauaba.

"However, understanding the public is also important if we want to get them involved.

"Sadly on my part, as a media and communication researcher for Kiribati, I have not seen any solid evidence to suggest that the main players in the dissemination of information such as government, policy makers and the media have worked together, collaborated or worked in partnership."

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Freelance photojournalist Sophie Ralulu is representing Islands Business on a 19-day tour by boat of Fiji’s eastern Lau Province. The tour also serves as a familiarisation visit for the highest government official in charge of Lau and other maritime provinces in the eastern division, Commissioner Luke Moroivalu.

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In the controversy over the future of the TV3 current affairs programme Campbell Live, Moana Maniapoto has defended it with a "brown" perspective on E-Tangata.

"The way I see it," she says, "John Campbell doesn’t ask questions simply for the sport of it or to boost his own ego. Campbell is doing what a good journalist should do – search for answers, uncover facts and honour the story."

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