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1 April 2015

VANUATU: Wanted - young media manager for one of top Pacific papers

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Publisher Marc Neil-Jones ... looking for a media manager. Image: Del Abcede/PMC

Alistar Kata
AUCKLAND: (Pacific Media Watch): Vanuatu Daily Post publisher Marc Neil-Jones is on the hunt for a "gung ho" young journalist to work as a media manager with his news group.

The candidate will be working for the country's largest privately owned media company, including Vanuatu's only daily newspaper, Vanuatu Daily Post, the website and popular radio station FM96.

 Neil-Jones told Pacific Media Watch he was looking for someone who was able to work among Pacific people and want to build a name for themselves in the journalism industry.

 "We are looking for someone who can write news quickly, but also someone who is not afraid of tackling sensitive subject matter," he said.

"I need a journalist who can become the focal point for getting news leads out of the private sector and following them up with government."

The ideal candidate would have a journalism degree and experience writing news for a recognised media organisation.

"I need someone with a hands-on approach who can work with our editor to improve the flow of news into our daily paper, into the print edition, on to the website, through Twitter and Facebook accounts," he said.

'Beautiful place'
Neil-Jones said that although working in Vanuatu was a challenge, it was a "beautiful place".

"Vanuatu is a tax haven and although we've had a cyclone come through it's one of the most beautiful places to work and live," he said.

"It's a challenge, but we've got freedom of the press now and no longer have any issues in expressing our opinions and the time is right for someone to come in who is not afraid."

Within the current media landscape in Vanuatu, Neil-Jones said newspapers were still a popular option.

"The papers are not being affected by the internet so much at this stage," he said.

"The internet is becoming more and more important but it isn't received by the vast majority, so until that time, companies like us will be concentrating on improving our websites."

 The improving of news systems and digital media is where the potential media manager may help.

 "The reality is that more graduate students in journalism and media now do have those skills. That's the way media is going on around the world, " he said.

 Neil-Jones is looking to retire at the end of this year and is keen to pass his skills onto a younger journalist.

 "My expertise is with the paper and with all this digital age, I'm learning it, but I need to bring in someone who knows about it and who is enthusiastic about encompassing all these new trends in media", he said.

 "I did that 10 or 15 years ago and now it's time for someone else to come in and push the envelope some more for us".

The position:

Vanuatu Media Manager
Working for the two directors under an expatriate general manager at Vanuatu's largest privately owned media company, encompassing Vanuatu's only daily newspaper Vanuatu Daily Post, web site, popular radio station FM96 and digital advertising.

The ideal candidate would have a journalism degree and experience writing news for a recognised  media organisation. He or she would have to have an understanding of working with Pacific islanders.

He or she would become the contact point in Vanuatu for news via the expatriate community, NGO's and senior government officials and would be expected to build up news contacts for the company.

He or she must not be afraid of tackling sensitive subject matter and pursuing news on corruption and malpractice as well as general news. We are aiming for short snappy news on a wide range of subjects.

He or she would be expected to assist the editor in training and improving local journalists news and improving the quality, range and style of news in print and going to our web site and radio station.

The successful candidate should have a good knowledge of news websites to help in the long term our news website on and be able to make suggestions on how we we can improve our Facebook and Twitter news feeds.

We are a long established, successful company.

Contact: Publisher: Marc Neil-Jones
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Alistar Kata

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